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Published 1943

It's War - - - - BIG War- - - -Daddy having to go off to get uniformed... Not really wanting to go... and then being tearfully informed that he's not coming back.
Each and every school (almost)had at least one family like this.

Every One was thoroughly aware of the war news. A little distraction here, please! Light fluff and nonsense.... NOthing serious.
68 pages worth.... 68 pages for a dime.

13 comic stories - three text stories -
No large stories that required any concentration.
Not even a serial starring Mickey Mouse.

There IS however the inside page of War insignias as designed and drawn by the Disney studios.

Here is a facet of our history that so far has not been corrupted by modification of history to suit the author.

Year 1943
Pages 69
Language English
Collection classiccomics; comics; additional_collections


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Uploaded by
Jeff Kaplan
on 3/22/2012